Scott Morrison has personally intervened to block claims for permanent asylum and has banned people from appealing the decision. He is using a clause of the Migration Act that allows him to block permanent protection without explanation for national interests.

He also has started making a…

Some of you may recall a while ago I bought and did an unboxing of GD’s Coup D’état limited edition record when it came out. I don’t know if any of you know, but Taeyang did the same thing with Rise. Because Big Bang makes merchandise that caters specifically to my interests (ridiculous hard cover photo books and vinyl records in pretty boxes) I bought the damned record.

From the top to bottom, left to right, you can see:
- a holographic cloud cover
- a set of badges on glitter paper
- a silver cardboard image with the edition number on it
- the back of the silver cardboard which has the phases of the moon printed on it
- the liner notes in sturdy cardboard wrap
- the liner notes taken out (they’re record sleeve sized photos of Taeyang with the liner notes on the back)
- the actual record sleeve, which has the silver concentric circles from the Rise design
- 2 records, one is Rise and the other is a selection of Taeyang’s favourite songs from his back catalogue
- 2 sets of postcards and a poster, the postcards have different geometric images printed on the back of them
- the the bottom of the box, which has the album credits on it

I haven’t seen anyone else unboxing it yet but it’s really beautiful and I thought it would be a shame not to share. I highly recommend if you’re a big Taeyang fan. Mine is edition 225/2000, for anyone interested.

T.O.P for Vogue Korea (November 2014) Official Photos

Source: Vogue Korea

[141019 YGFAMILY Concert in Beijing] 
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Macabre Gadgets - Rings made of industrial materials and inexpensive stones for its durable and flexible nature.

T.O.P for Vogue Korea November 2014. 
cr. criticalshot

T.O.P for Vogue Korea November 2014.

cr. criticalshot


endless list of female artists: Laura Jane Grace

"You know that worry over whether or not people are going to love you and accept you, once you do show that part of yourself - the worry over whether or not a god would even love you. Those were all fears that were very real to me. But accepting myself and leading an authentic existence, ultimately, was more important to me than any of that."


do you ever feel like Ashikiba Takuto