Top sunbae dancing to Go Up.


Steal his look: G-Dragon

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate: $9

Pink and Blue duster: $10

Toy stethoscope: $5


高口里純先生の「伯爵と呼ばれた男」 (1984)

Satosumi Takaguchi's “The Man Who Was Called Count” (1984)

(If anybody has raws for this title, I’m interested in looking them over and seeing if it’s something I could potentially translate one day.)

I still go out too much.

I still go out too much.


Request by @cnm_carmen
Still wait for their comeback T_T #top #bigbang #vip #choiseunghyun #rapper #hiphop #music #actor #tazza #kpop #dailyart #vector #bestvector #illustration #art #design #wpap #popart


Request by @cnm_carmen

Still wait for their comeback T_T
#top #bigbang #vip #choiseunghyun #rapper #hiphop #music #actor #tazza #kpop #dailyart #vector #bestvector #illustration #art #design #wpap #popart

Very handsome, in the American sense.
My father, attempting to describe my parents’ Bostonian host.


For the anon who sent “talk to me more about BiS…” here is Brand-new Idol Society AKA BiS performing their song “IDOL” live (complete with stage dives at 2:50).

BiS was equal parts joke, subversion, and then a legitimate functioning idol group. You can read about them a bit more in depth on The GlorioBlog (where you can also check out the PV to this very song featuring the girls as temptresses of men who then get crucified - not so subtle stuff taking on the obsession of marketing “innocence” within the idol music industry); but basically they were a group out to piss idol-related-hoopla off. Not that surprisingly BiS obtained moderate fame with the help of genuinely catchy and genre shifting music along with wave after wave of controversy, amassing a devoted following not unlike any other successful idol group - whether fans were “in” on the experiment or not being moot. 

What is of ultimate interest regarding BiS in my opinion (aside from looking at the individual goals of the group’s different musical/visual phases), is how they actively worked hard at both commenting on and committing every taboo of the idol industry all while working and benefiting within it. They proved that if you could make money then the industry would sell you; which alternatively proved that the common popular idol machine is entirely fabricated and strictly controlled for perceived maximized profit.

Pour Lui and her handpicked “crazies” found a space on the idol spectrum because capital followed them, with big wig Avex Trax eventually signing the group: As such the incredibly strict and well known practice of price tag sexualization via de-sexualization, by the total denial of any sexual or even simplistic romantic undertones/urges, forced upon the 13+ year olds in any given idol group is obviously not necessary for running and maintaining and profiting from an idol group - especially when viewed side by side with BiS. 

In closing please enjoy the lazy choreography, limited attempt at singing, and forbidden-fan-to-idol-contact of BiS.